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Far from the reach of the sun

A Numbness in the Mouth

The mirror is dark and inky

Our Stranded Friends in Distant Lands

Everything Disappears

Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick

The Moonless Ocean

Being In the Twofold World


An Oral Fixation

The Unnameable



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The mirror is dark and inky (5mins 38sec, Persian with English subtitles, 2015) is comprised of images of daily life in Iran- driving through the city in the afternoon, playing board games with friends- alongside the narration of a neighbour concerned about a whale living in a bath in her apartment building. As the film progresses, we leave the city behind and move into the forest in northern Iran, where the narration turns inwards to a “feeling that does not come from my brain, it more erupts and descends like a fog, barely perceptible until it is enveloping, with a similar cold, dewy feeling.” The whale is the mirror and the mirror is dark and inky.

Filmed on location in Tehran and northern Iran, two participants narrate the film and perform the roles.

Solo exhibition at Millennium Court Arts Centre, Northern Ireland, December 2016- January 2017.


Solo exhibition at Block 336, London, Nov- Dec 2017. Curated by Kathleen Soriano.


Installation at Kooshk Artist Residency Award exhibition, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, July 2015.

Supported by the Kooshk Artist Residency Award 2015, and the Arts Council of Ireland.