Kevin Gaffney




Far from the reach of the sun

A Numbness in the Mouth

The mirror is dark and inky

Our Stranded Friends in Distant Lands

Everything Disappears

Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick

The Moonless Ocean

Being In the Twofold World


An Oral Fixation

The Unnameable



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My work explores the construction, projection and manipulation of identity. My recent films have been made in Iran, South Korea and Taiwan, with participants from each country performing the roles. In the film The Mirror is Dark and Inky (Persian with English subtitles, 2015), daily life in Iran is interrupted by a whale living in a bathtub. Our Stranded Friends in Distant Lands (Korean with English subtitles, 2015) reflects on geographic, political and emotional separations in South Korea, whilst Everything Disappears (Mandarin with English subtitles, 2014) considers selfhood, relationships and military conscription in Taiwan.

The scripts I write are narrated or spoken as dialogue in the films, aiming to reveal the psychological landscapes that the characters inhabit. Characters appear in a multiplicity of realities, interspersed between locations, purpose-built sets and intimately staged portraits. The characters act as vehicles to reveal subconscious desires and create disruptions within the parameters of the image’s constructed cinematic order. Their appearance and performance often morphs and adapts as the films progress, mirroring the transitory nature of selfhood.