Kevin Gaffney




Far from the reach of the sun

A Numbness in the Mouth

The mirror is dark and inky

Our Stranded Friends in Distant Lands

Everything Disappears

Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick

The Moonless Ocean

Being In the Twofold World


An Oral Fixation

The Unnameable



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In Dusting (HD Video 4mins 11sec & 35mm Slide Photographs, 2012), a monotonous domestic task, becomes the basis of a grotesque display of desire as the character licks years of dust and dirt off the windows of of an abandoned public ticket office, a remnant of communist Prague. The interior of the building acts as a stage for Kevin Gaffney's performance, while the human dog acts as a symbol or mirror for his actions. While never actually meeting, the characters are ciphers for each others' unconscious desires. The video and the 35mm slide photographs are projected in the same space, allowing the two screens to create a dialogue across the moving and still image. The slide photography sequence is not timed to the length of the video, so multiple readings of the work are possible, with the narratives created by myself and the viewer becoming disrupted and distorted.




Installation at Started: Residents of Startpoint, Startpoint Prize for Emerging Artists, NTK Gallery, Prague, 2012.







Installation at We, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 2012.

This work was supported by the Arts Council of England & the British Council.