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Screening at the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival.



Everything Disappears will be screen at the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival as part of the Photoformance short film programme on Sunday 19th April, 12-1.30pm at Tower Mill, Heart of Hawick, Scotland. A Q&A with the filmmakers will be held after the screening.

"Everything Disappears is built around a contemporary performance for the camera in Taiwan, an acting out of mytho-psychological fantasies and urban ennui by volunteer performers."

More on the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival here.




Exhibition & Artist Talk at the University Art Gallery, Belfast School of Art.



On 12th, 13th & 16th February, three new films (Everything Disappears, Our Stranded Friends in Distant Lands, and Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick) will be screening at the University Art Gallery at the Belfast School of Art. On 12th February, an artist talk will be held at the Conor Lecture Theatre, which is also open to the public. The Numbers Station is curated by Feargal O'Malley, and also features work by Michael Hanna, Ryan Moffet, Iain Griffin, Michael Dignam and Rachel Maclean.

"Operating in an international context Kevin Gaffney has made work in disparate places, interacting and working with new people, and investigating permeations of identity, self and the essence of places. The sets, soundscapes, situations and poetic dialogue in his films are often a representation of the psychological landscape of the characters; the manifestation of an abstract idea into a visual image or sequence. There is sensuality in the landscapes and colours which are rich and affecting and there is an emphasis on the experience of the body in space through both the movement of the camera and scenes showing action, strain, inflicting, proximity and a variety of physical textures the body is subjected to. The work recognises that the artist is not a neutral observer but a participant, and instead seizes the opportunity to combine images, cultural and literary reference and experiences. One work in particular, Everything Disappears, features the melding of the participants’ stories and images with Gaffney’s interpretation through a process of collaboration and translation."

To read the rest of the essay by Geraldine Boyle, click here.



More on the University Art Gallery.




Aritst in residence at Draíocht Arts Centre



Kevin will be artist in residence at Draíocht from January- June 2015. More on Draíocht.




Exhibition and Open Studio at MMCA Residency Changdong



Kevin will show a Korean translation of Everything Disappears in Other Forms of Relations, an exhibition of work by artists in residence at the National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in South Korea. Kevin was selected for the residency as one of UNESCO-Aschberg's laureate artists for 2014.

Work in progress will be shown at the Open Studio, which will be held on 14th November 2014 from 2pm, followed by the exhibition opening from 4-7pm. The exhibition continues until 7th December 2014.




MMCA Residency Changdong, 257 Deongneung-ro, Dobong-gu, Seoul, 132-919, Korea.

More about MMCA Residency | More about MMCA




Fake Hikers exhibition at MMCA Residency Changdong



Fake Hikers exhibition opens on 27th October at the MMCA Residency Changdong's gallery. Artists: APL315 (UA), Kevin Gaffney (IE), Oto Hudec (SK), Heide Hinrichs (DE), OLTA (JP), Kyungduck Park (KR), and Youngjoo Lee (KR). Curated by Katerina Filyuk and Oto Hudec.

Opening reception: 27th October 2014, 6-9pm. Exhibition continues until 11th November, 10am-6pm. Chandong National Art Studio, 257 Deongneug-ro, Dobong-gu, 132-919, Seoul, South Korea.

More about the MMCA Residency Changdong & MMCA.




Sorachi Coal Mine exhibition at the Sapporo International Art Festival



As part of the Sapporo International Arts Festival, and in association with CAI02 Contemporary Art Institute, Kevin Gaffney was commissioned to create a new film in response to the coal mining area of Yubari Shimizusawa in Hokkaido. The work, Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick, will be exhibited at the Hokutan Shimizusawa thermal power plant in Yubari Shimizusawa from 23rd August- 13th October 2014.



Sorachi Sorachi


Organised by the Sapporo City University in co-operation with the CAI02 Contemporary Art Institute, and the NPO Coal Mining Memory Agency. Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, the Fukutake Foundation, and the Program for the Promotion of Culture & Art.

More information on: Sorachi Coal Mine Project | Sapporo International Art Festival




The Moonless Ocean exhibition at CAI02, Contemporary Art Institute, Japan



The Moonless Ocean (Video, 8min 23sec, 2013) and Being in the Twofold World (35mm Slide Photographs & Video, 3min 30sec, 2013) are being presented in a solo exhibition at CAI02 (the Contemporary Art Institute) in Sapporo. The exhibition comes a result of being awarded the Grand Prix from the Sapporo Pre-Biennale in 2011, and is part of the Sapporo International Arts Festival's collaborative program of events.



The Moonless Ocean opens on 9th August at 1pm, with a reception party from 7pm. Exhibition dates: 9th-30th August 2014. Address: CAI02, Showa Building, B2 Nishi 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Odori, Sapporo City, Japan.

More on CAI02 | More on the Sapporo International Arts Festival | The Hacoren Gallery Network

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Article in Visual Artists' News Sheet about Everything Disappears



An article about Kevin's residency project, carried out at the Taipei Artist Village, features in the current July/ August issue of VAN. It can be read online here.

"I proposed to create a new film, Everything Disappears, which would revolve around four local people and reflect on the fluidity of identity, with their personas becoming re-imagined on screen. Taiwan’s history of a shifting national identity – with former occupations by the Japanese, Chinese and Dutch – was an interesting context in which to locate this project."

More on Everything Disappears.




Belonging: Irish Queer Youth at the National Photographic Archive



Belonging: Irish Queer Youth at the National Photography Archive charts a decade of LGBT youth rights in Ireland. It explores BeLonG To’s work to combat homophobia & transphobia in schools and the workplace which has helped create a growing confidence amongst LGBT young people in Ireland today. Photographs also document young people’s participation in Pride events, advocacy work, political protests and actions, global solidarity work and portraits of the young people themselves. This exhibition marks the donation of BeLonG To’s work to the National Library of Ireland.

Belonging: Irish Queer Youth is curated by Kevin Gaffney who developed the archive while working as artist-in-residence at BeLonG To in 2013.




More information: &




Open Studio at Taipei Artist Village



Taipei Artist Village's Spring Open Studio event will take place on Saturday 22nd March & Sunday 23rd March, 2-6pm. In Studio 203, Kevin will be screening the trailer for his new film, Everything Disappears | 凡事煙飛湮滅.

To receive information on the film's screening schedule, please subscribe at






UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate Artist 2014



Kevin has been selected as one of the UNESCO-Aschberg laureate artists for a residency at the MMCA Residency Changdong in Seoul. The residency will run from September- December 2014, and is part of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

More about the National Museum of Contemporary Art | More about UNESCO-Aschberg




Exhibition at Taipei Artist Village



A group exhibition of resident artists is opening at Taipei Artist Village on the 13th February 2014, 6-8pm. Exhibition continues until 9th March 2014.

Taipei Artist Village, No.7 Beiping E. Road, Taipei.




Film Project Award for Everything Disappears



Kevin has received a Film Project Award from the Arts Council of Ireland for the creation of a new film, Everything Disappears, while on residence at the Taipei Artist Village from January- March 2014.







Artist Talk at Taipei Artist Village



On Saturday 18th January, Kevin will present an artists talk as artist in residence at Taipei Artist Village.

2-5pm, 18th January 2014. More information here.

Location: Bamboo Hall, Taipei Artist Village, Beiping E. Rd, Taipei. MRT: Shandao Temple (Exit 1).




Kevin has been selected for a Digital Media Award from Firestation Artists Studios. The residency will run from May- August 2014.

More information on Firestation here.



The Library Project



The Unnameable book is available to view & buy at the Library Project, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin. The Library Project is a public resource library initiated by the PhotoIreland Festival that currently boasts a collection of over 900 photo books, national and international.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, Thurs 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-6pm.

More on the Library Project.




The Poetry Project at the Royal Hibernian Academy



The Poetry Project will be screening at the RHA Gallery as part of Culture Night.

20th September 2013, 6.30pm- 11pm, Royal Hibernian Academy, 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2.

More on The Poetry Project. More on the RHA. More on Culture Night.




The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013



The Unnameable book will be represented by C7C at the 5th annual Tokyo Art Book Fair. Featuring close to 300 participants from 15 countries, the fair will be the largest gathering of art publishers, independent publishers and self publishing artists in Tokyo ever and by far the largest event of its kind in Asia.

Dates: September 21st (Sat) 15:00-21:00, 22nd (Sun) 12:00-20:00, 23rd (Mon/National Holiday) 11:00-19:00.

Venue: Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design GAIEN CAMPUS, 1-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.




The Earth Rings in Your Ears at Eight Gallery



Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly / Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty / Ruth Le Gear

Curated by Tracy Hanna

Although we are tiny we feel the Universe. We see and hear the crash of a wave on the shore being pulled by our moon. Various waves come to touch our skin from all corners of the cosmos and our eyes extend infinitely. We feel the enormous size of things. This exhibition presents three works that engage with the ocean. Each artist, in their individual approaches, listens to the mystical, mythical and extra-terrestrial forces that act upon and interact with water on Earth. "In answer to each step you take, the earth rings in your ears." (Eurydice, Arseniy Tarkovsky).

Preview: 7-9pm, 4th September. Gallery opening hours: Sunday 8th September 11am- 5.30pm. Monday 9th September 10am- 5.30pm. Tuesday 10th September 10am-3pm.

Eight Gallery, First Floor, 8 Dawson St, Dublin 2.

With kind support from Dublin City Council. Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly's work has been supported by the Arts Council's Film Project Award.





The Poetry Project, 19th- 25th August.



An excerpt from The Moonless Ocean is this weeks video on The Poetry Project. Every week a video artwork and poem is uploaded as part of Ireland's EU Presidency Culture Programme. Video works were selected by writer and curator Gemma Tipton, and Patrick T. Murphy, Director of the Royal Hibernian Academy. The poem accompanying The Moonless Ocean is Suantraí na Meánmhara by Dairena Ní Chinnéide.

Watch it here.


The Moonless Ocean was supported by the Arts Council's Film Project Award.




Les Rencontres d'Arles 2013 Book Award Exhibition



The Unnameable book will be shown as part of the 2013 Book Award exhibition at Les Rencontres d'Arles. Les Rencontres d’Arles are giving a new dimension to the Book Awards this year, offering the copies presented in the exhibition to an international cultural institution dedicated to worldwide photography in order to participate in the creation of a library.

Exhibition: Atelier de Chaudronnerie (Grande Hall), Parc des Ateliers. 1st July- 22nd September, 10am-7.30pm.

More information on the Book Award exhibition here. More information on Les Rencontres d'Arles.




Interview on



Read the full interview here.




For Beauty is Nothing but the Beginning of Terror/ Denn das Schöne ist nur des Schrecklichen Anfang.





Artists between self-staging and self-reflexion/ Künstler zwischen Selbstinszenierung und Selbstreflexion

Opening: 7pm, Friday 24th May 2013. Exhibition continues: 25th May: 12-9pm, 26th May: 2-7pm.

Kukulida e.V., Martin-Luther-Straße 1, 01099 Dresden, Germany.




The Observer & I, Galway Arts Centre.





Three new films, three new photography series, and a publication in a limited edition of 100.

Private view: 6-8pm, Friday 8th March 2013. Exhibition continues: 9th March- 13th April.

Galway Arts Centre opening hours: Tues-Fri 10.00-17.30, Sat 10.00-14.00.

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Pallas Projects/Studios present Periodical Review #2.



Selected by Eamonn Maxwell, Pádraic E. Moore, Gavin Murphy & Mark Cullen.

Pallas Projects/Studios presents the second Periodical Review at our new long-term studios and project space in Dublin’s historic area of The Coombe. Structured as an editorial review with a critical and discursive position, this unique, yearly survey of Irish contemporary art practices, looks at commercial gallery shows, museum exhibitions, artist-led and independent projects, publishing, and curatorial practices.

Pallas Projects/Studios. Preview: 6–8pm, 7 December 2012. Gallery hours: 12–6pm, Thursday–Saturday.




WE at Catalyst Arts.



WE is a group exhibition featuring selected works by local, national and international artists that explore issues surrounding identity through various mediums.

Featuring Artists: Craig Cox | Kevin Gaffney | Cecilia Giménez ® | Anthony Luvera | Brian J Morrison | Artur Zmijewski

Catalyst Arts Gallery, 5 College Court, Belfast BT1 6BS. 16th November- 7th December 2012.




The Unnameable book at Dublin Art Book Fair. Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.



Temple Bar Gallery + Studios has invited 30 of the most exciting publishers of art books from around the world to take part in the second edition of the Dublin Art Book Fair. The Fair will feature Irish and internationally based art book publishers, including publishers from Germany, Norway, UK, USA, Canada, Korea and Luxembourg.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Friday 30th November– Sunday 2nd December 2012.

The Unnameable book is available to buy online from CMBMC (Japan) and Good Press (Glasgow)




VISIO- European Workshop on Artists' Cinema.



Kevin Gaffney has been selected, and awarded the OPINIONCIATTI Scholarship, to participate in the VISIO- European Workshop on Artists' Cinema, at Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival, Florence. 21st- 25th November 2012.

VISIO consists of a series of seminars and meetings dedicated to expanding the vision and themes of artists who use cinema in their artistic practice. The Workshop will be held in Florence, within the context of the 5th Edition of Lo Schermo dell'Arte Film Festival (21-25 November 2012). The participants are 15 young Italian and European artists who work with moving images; selected in collaboration with some of the most important European Art Academies and Schools. The Selection Committee is composed of Leonardo Bigazzi, project curator VISIO, Silvia Lucchesi, director Lo Schermo dell’Arte and Heinz Peter Schwerfel, director Kino der Kunst. More on VISIO.


Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.................. d




Tenderflix Film Screening.

On Tuesday 9th October, TENDERPIXEL will present two curated programmes of short films in the lower gallery.

The Unnameable will be screened as part of Programme B. Codified Space at 8pm.

TENDERPIXEL, Ten Cecil Court, London WC2N 4HE. Wednesday- Saturday, 2-6pm.




The Tokyo Art Book Fair.



The Unnameable book will be at the CMBMC book at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2012.

Address: Gaien Campus, Kyoto University of Art & Tohoku University of Art and Design, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 21-23 September.

More information on the Tokyo Book Fair. More information on CMBMC.






Started 2012: Residents of Startpoint at NTK Galerie, Prague.







STARTED 2012 // residents of STARTPOINT

Galerie NTK, Technická 6, Prague 6 August 21 – September 8, 2012.

Representatives from 34 European art academies from 19 countries presented their graduate work in last year's exhibition STARTPOINT at Wannieck Gallery in Brno. The awarded artists were invited to Prague for the STARTED residency programme. The results of which are now presented in a collective exhibition, with each of the residents choosing a Czech artist to be his guest in the exhibition. /




Abandon Normal Devices 2012 in Cornerhouse, Manchester.



The Unnameable will be screened as part of the Abandon Normal Devices Shorts Programme 2. Abandon Normal Devices strives to recognise experimentation across cinema, art and technology as a core concern of art-making and this expanding of possibilities forms the foundation for the 2012 festival.

AND 2012 Shorts: Programme 2. 12:00- 16:00, Saturday 1st September, Cornerhouse.

Book tickets and more info here.




Artyčok Tv interview about the Started 2012 Residency exhibition at NTK, Prague.


Interview with Kevin Gaffney, Tommy Høvik and Malthe Stigaard about their work in the Started 2012 Residency exhibtion at NTK Gallery, Prague. Each resident artist chose a Czech artist to exhibit their work alongside; Matyáš Chochola, Antonín Jirát, and Eva Jiřička

Watch the interview here.




Open Studio & Galerie NTK Exhibition:



Kevin Gaffney was awarded an Artists International Development fund from Arts Council England and the British Council to support a residency at the Startpoint Prize for Emerging Artists in Prague. There will be an open studio presentation on 8th August. The residency will culminate in an exhibition of new work by the residents at the National Technical Library Gallery, opening 20th August 2012.



Open studio: Thursday 9th August, 5-8pm. No. 278, Floor 2, Bubenská 1, 170 00 Prague 7. Metro: Vltavska.

Exhibition: 21st August- 8th September. Galerie NTK, National Technical Library, Prague.





BIG SCREEN, Latitude Festival 2012.



Out Of This World, curated by Louise Colbourne, presents a selection of the surreal, abstracted, ethereal and other-worldly within moving image. From the work of older experimental film makers such as Stan Brakhage and Len Lye, through to contemporary artists such as Semiconductor, Sebastian Buerkner, Benedict Drew, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Emma Hart, Kevin Gaffney, Ian Helliwell, Oliver Bancroft, Tim Simmons and many others. More info on Big Screen.

13-15th July. Produced by Louise Colbourne with assistance from Jim Hobbs, Paul Burgess, DJ Harry K, and In association with Lux, Cine-city film festival and the Supernormal Festival.




The Athens Video Art Festival, 18-20th May 2012.




The Unnameable & The Observer & I will be showing at The Athens Video Art Festival.





The Unnameable is available as a limited edition of 200. Four colour printed, 300gsm. 25 x 15cm landscape, hardbound embossed cover with case jacket.









The Unnameable has been selected as a finalist in video art for the Arte Laguna prize exhibition, which will open on 17th March at the Arsenale, Venice. Exhibition continues until 1st April, 10am-6pm (8pm during weekends). More on Arte Laguna. Supported by Culture Ireland.





BFI's Sight & Sound magazine mention An Oral Fixation in their review of the London Short Film Festival, and the Digital Hub's article about the prize.




Kevin Gaffney received the Little White Lies Award from the 9th London Short Film Festival on 6th January at the ICA for his film An Oral Fixation. If you missed the screening, it will be shown alongside all other awarded films on 15th January as part of the Closing Night Award Ceremony. Tickets are available from the ICA.





London Short Film Festival at the ICA.



An Oral Fixation will be screened on 6th January 2012 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts as part of the London Short Film Festival. Buy tickets from the ICA here. More on the London Short Film Festival.




Startpoint Selection at GAVU Cheb Museum


kevin gaffney artist


The Unnameable will be shown at the Startpoint Selection exhibition at Galerie Vytvarneho Umeni Cheb (GAVU), Czech Republic. 19th January to 25th March 2011.

More on GAVU. More on Startpoint.




The Brighton Film Festival & Cinecity will be screening The Unnameable on 30th November at the Nightingale as part of a wider programme. 7pm. Purchase tickets here.




Kevin Gaffney received an honorary mention from the Startpoint Prize for Emerging Artists, leading to a residency and group show in Prague in 2012. A publication has been produced in connection with exhibition, which continues through December in Brno, Wannieck Gallery, Czech Republic. Kindly supported by Culture Ireland. More information on the prize here.






Kevin Gaffney will represent the Royal College of Art at the Startpoint Prize for Emerging Artists 2011. Exhibition opens 6pm, 11th October 2011, Wannieck Gallery, Ve Vankovce 2, Brno.




The Unnameable will be exhibited in RUA RED in Ireland from 13th August - 17th September 2011, 10am-6pm. Gallery 2, RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24.





Screening of two new films at the Lab followed by a discussion. The Lab, Dublin City Council. 17/8/2011, 6pm.




The Unnameable will be exhibited as part of i am not a poet at Totalkunst Gallery, as part of the Forest Festival Programme. 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh.




Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly have been awarded the Grand Prix at the Sapporo Biennale international art competition. they will create work in Hokkaido for presentation at the Sapporo Biennale 2014, Japan.





Hard Cover: Image Perspectives from Black Dog Publishing has been released featuring The Unnameable text and images. Hardcover also features newly commissioned writing, with essays by an impressive roster of leading academics and experts from the photography and moving-image field - including Simon Baker, Curator of Photography at Tate Modern, Olivier Richon, Professor of Photography at the RCA, and Californian-based artist and writer Leslie Dick, and is edited by internationally renowned photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg. Buy from Black Dog or buy from Amazon






Kevin Gaffney at Royal College of Art graduate fine art show. Private view: June 22nd. Exhibition continues: 24 June - 3 July 2011 (closed 1 July). Testbed 1, 33 Parkgate Road, london SW11 4NP. RCA SHOW 2011.






The Unnameable will be screened at Portugal's FEST international film festival on July 30th at 22h in the experimental cinema section.



1/11/2010. The Unnameable featured in an exhibition in the Royal College of Art, London, as part of the Battle of Ideas festival on the 30th & 31st of October 2010. The exhibition was curated by David Rayson, professor and head of department, school of fine art, department of painting, Royal College of Art.